Welcome everyone! 

For those who know me, this might not be a big surprise since they know how much I love talking and giving my opinion on lots of topics! :) For those who don’t know me, my name is Ena (actually Jelena is my real name, but I prefer using my nickname) and I am a Berlin based photographer and an art enthusiast. I originally come from Belgrade, Serbia (go on the map and find it since I’m pretty sure most of you have no clue what I’m talking about haha). I have recently graduated in Photography but before starting to study photography, I spent 2 years in the Architecture university, which even though I love architecture wasn’t something I felt like doing for the rest of my life. Since early childhood I have shown my artistic interest and beside painting and drawing I do remember these early cameras that in my family I was always the one to use. Acting was yet another activity that I enjoyed and practiced for a while. 

I came to an idea to open a blog as part of my webpage long time ago but I was never “ready” to actually start writing, as often in life, we postpone those “crazy” ideas because we fear nothing will ever come out of it. But, you know what, I don’t mind even if it doesn’t, I have decided to put all of these thoughts “on paper” and share them with you. I am going to be thrilled even if one person reads this, probably my mom haha. 


So now that you have got a bit of an idea of who I am, here is what this blog is going to be about. As I mentioned earlier, I am an art enthusiast, and visiting art galleries, museums, fairs or public installations is one of my favourite ways of spending free time. On the other hand, as I get older, I enjoy reading much more than I used to in school. When the time came that I can completely pick  books fully on my own and not be forced to read anything I am not interested in, I suddenly realized I actually love reading. Moving to Berlin brought new ways of thinking as well, healthy lifestyle is something I really think of more and more each day, which is probably really weird that moving to this particular city changed that hmmm, maybe is just the age haha. So to wrap it up, I will write on different exhibitions, projects, galleries, museums, books, traveling maybe.. 

I hope this becomes a place where people like me could go and easily find recommendations on the previously mentioned topics. :)