Hello again! On today’s menu we have another book! Now that I have more time to read I have a lot of recommendations to give!

And the book I’m gonna write about is DESIGN{H}ERS. I see it as a guide for an amazing group of women who work in the design field. My lovely friend borrowed me this book and I couldn’t stop reading it, and flipping through, so the book was done in one day and I am now going to get my own copy for sure!


When it comes to feminism and women power, even though it started in the late 1700s, it is still a very hot topic. I have started educating myself on the history of feminism recently for a personal project that I will start working on soon. I find it a bit shocking that we still have to even talk about this and that issues still exist. Seeing more work that brings together powerful women brings me a lot of joy. And this book is for sure an amazing example!


In my opinion there are unfortunately ways that are maybe not the right way to go to prove a point. I will not mention any of these since my goal here is to inspire people and not to offend someone. These kind of projects, that show and talk about what these women have done is, for me, one of the best ways to show that we are all equal, no matter what. Projects like these help educate other people and make them see the amazing work that exists! 

Some of my favourite studios or designers from this book are: 







Thank you and see you soon!

Ena :)